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    | color:green |yoga sweater lenzing OM green
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    Lounge Sweater OM Tencel™ - green
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    Lounge Sweater OM Tencel™ - black
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Yoga leggings for women - sustainable, high quality and perfect for your yoga session

Whether you practice yoga in the studio, at home or outdoors - with yoga leggings from OGNX you are perfectly dressed for a variety of yoga styles and sports. The tight-fitting pants give you the freedom of movement you need in your postures. They are particularly elastic and therefore also well suited for intensive stretching. Due to the ongoing athleisure trend, the comfortable yoga pants have also established themselves beyond the yoga studio and can also be styled casually, sporty and even elegant in everyday life according to your mood - without any sporting context.

The perfect women's yoga leggings: you should pay attention to this when buying

As different as the different styles of yoga, so varied and often confusing is the offer of the manufacturers of yoga fashion . So what is important when buying yoga leggings?

In addition to the feel-good factor, which should always come first when choosing your clothes, here are some properties that your perfect yoga leggings should have:

- Waistband:A high and wide waistband ensures that the leggings do not slip or cut even with intensive stretching and forward bending

- Elasticity:When buying your yoga leggings, make sure that they are made of an elastic material. In the case of materials that are naturally less elastic, an elastane content of at least 10% should be added. Otherwise your yoga pants will bulge out quickly and you will only enjoy them for a short time.

- Material:Most yoga leggings are made of natural fibers such as cotton and Tencel or polyester. In order to pollute the environment as little as possible during the production of the fibers, we only use organic or recycled fibers for the OGNX Yogaweat. Find out more about our sustainable materials here

- Length:So that your leggings don't get in the way on the mat, they should be about ankle length. So it neither pushes itself up, nor does it pose a risk of slipping because you step on the hem

- Processing:The seams of your new yoga leggings should be stitched as flat as possible and barely noticeable when you wear them. The rule here is: the less the better

- Production:Before buying your leggings, find out about the country of origin and the manufacturer's production conditions. Compliance with fair working conditions is a top priority for OGNX and, in addition to the use of sustainable materials, is the cornerstone of our corporate philosophy. Find out more about our production sites here

- Design:Whether colorful yoga leggings with patterns or black leggings classics: whatever you like is allowed. Before buying, make sure that your new yoga leggings have been dyed without toxic chemicals and are so gentle on the skin.

What is the difference between high-waist and low-waist yoga leggings?

High waist yoga leggings have a particularly good hold. The waistband at the level of the navel is figure-flattering and does not cut in. With low waist yoga leggings, the waistband sits below the navel on the hips. They are the fashionable alternative to high waist leggings, but they tend to slip during exercise.

Natural or functional fibers: which material is best for yoga leggings?

There is no right or wrong when choosing the right material. As mentioned above, however, it is helpful if your pants are elastic enough to easily accommodate postures in your yoga practice. For natural fibers, we recommend an elastane content of at least 10%.

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