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Yoga bras - perfect support for your needs

Dog looking up or down, push-ups or even a reverse position - it's not that easy to find the right outfit in which you can relax during your yoga practice. Many yoginis feel uncomfortable, especially during the inverse poses, because they fear that their top could slip and expose their stomach or chest. But if you constantly tug on your upper part during yoga practice, you are unfocused and, in the worst case, end the session more tense than before the yoga class. For many yoginis, choosing the right yoga bra therefore has a major impact on their well-being during exercise. The ideal yoga bustier is comfortable, lets you breathe freely and at the same time offers the necessary support so that your chest does not hurt or “bounce” during any exercise. The neckline is usually less deep than a regular bra and thus prevents unwanted glimpses into the neckline - regardless of the exercise.

In our guide you will find out which yoga bras are best for your practice and what advantages they offer you during yoga practice.

Optimal hold: Yoga and Sport Bra

A sports bra is suitable for women with both large and small breasts. Since there are many different body types, you will find a selection of sustainable yoga sports bras in different colors and fits with light, medium and strong hold.

Light, medium or strong hold: what support do I need?

Which hold you prefer is mainly influenced by the size of your bust and your preferred yoga style. The faster you perform your flows and the larger your chest, the more support you will want for them. However, if you prefer to focus on calmer standing and sitting postures, the supportive strength of your bra is less important and the wearing comfort or the design determine the purchase decision. Bras with medium support are a good alternative between very calm and particularly fast movements and can be used for a variety of training practices.

What criteria should you pay attention to when buying a yoga bra?

Using the following criteria, you can evaluate your new sports and yoga bra and assess its suitability for your personal needs.

  • Support strength: do I prefer a light or stronger hold? The faster the flows and the bigger the chest, the more support we recommend
  • Straps: do I want my bra to be invisible under the T-shirt, or do I prefer wide straps with particularly strong support? Our Crossback bra has particularly narrow, central straps. You can't see it like that under racerback tops.
  • Pads: Some of our yoga bras have removable chest pads so that nothing can be seen under the T-shirt
  • Size: Your bra should fit snugly, not slip and give your chest sufficient support. However, it must not cut in, restrict your freedom of movement or even cut off your air. You should be able to pull it on and off effortlessly and slide your fingers under the underbust elastic without any problems. If you can't, the bra is probably too tight.
  • Material: The material also has an influence on the support strength of the bra. In addition to classic sports bras made of firmer, recycled functional materials, we also offer yoga bras and bustiers made of organic cotton with a soft feel and very light support

Fair and sustainable: Our bra models

In the OGNX online shop, you will find yoga bras made from recycled polyester or organic natural fibers such as cotton or Tencel that are fairly and sustainably produced, from light to strong hold.


Material: recycled polyamide

Production country: Portugal

Pads: no

Support strength: medium

The basic sports bra is a good choice for those who like things a little simpler. The material is very elastic and comfortable. Due to the high neckline, it still offers sufficient support for faster flows and movements. The racerback cut offers you optimal freedom of movement without annoying seams.


Material: recycled polyester

Production country: Portugal

Pads: yes - removable

Support strength: medium

The recycled material of the bestselling sports bra Crossback wicks moisture away and is very breathable. This sports bra is therefore wonderfully suitable for both yoga and sweaty workouts. Thanks to the wide underbust band, the bustier is particularly comfortable, but still offers sufficient support for faster exercises. The subtle straps become invisible even under sleeveless tops. The pads can be integrated or removed as desired and conjure up a beautiful breast shape.


Material: recycled polyester

Production country: Portugal

Pads: no

Support strength: medium

Fall in love with the supple and elastic material of our new cropped yoga bras. The ruffles on the chest conjure up a wonderfully feminine figure. The model has a comfortable length so that you can combine it with our women's yoga leggings even without a t-shirt. The crossed back straps create a nice finish and provide additional support

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