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Our Team

We are working hard with OGNX to make the fashion world more sustainable and green. We are a small but highly motivated team based in Munich, Palma and Berlin. For us, “organic” is not limited to food and sustainability is not limited to a social trend. This attitude resonates in the development of every single product and we hope to reach and motivate as many people as possible. Because only together we ensure that sustainability finally becomes a matter of course when buying clothes.


Responsible for: the management, making quick decisions and keeping calm when things get busy in day-to-day business

Loves: definitely the team and to see OGNX evolve

Funniest moment at OGNX: whenever we travel as a team, be it for shootings or at trade fairs, we always have a blast!

Favorite OGNX product: The Keffiah suit is my must-have of the season. Also one of my all-time favourites: the Sportsbra Crossback.


Responsible for: Production, collection development and maintenance of the merchandise management system. Furthermore I always try to keep calm and to extinguish fires immediately when they burn. In the team I ensure the continuous supply of chocolate ;)

Loves: The team and the working atmosphere at OGNX.
We can be completely ourselves in the team without pretending

Funniest moment at OGNX: FW19/20 shooting

Favorite OGNX products: Leggings Keffiah, Leggings Carving Butterfly


Responsible for: the designs and new developments at OGNX

Loves: Being able to implement creativity and function for OGNX. And the team, which welcomed me warmly from hour one.

Funniest moment at OGNX: Lunch break with the Munich Office Girlz

Favorite OGNX products: Leggings Carving Butterfly


Responsible for: Marketing and content creation as well as website optimization

Loves: at OGNX there are no limits to my creativity at work.

Funniest moment at OGNX: the Christmas party with the team on my third working day

Favorite OGNX products: Give me Animal Print and I'm happy. But I also love the soft Tencel leggings and shirts. I wear the Basic Tank Athletic Rainbow almost every day.


Responsible for: answering your questions and requests

Loves: nice customer contact

Funniest moment at OGNX: A colleague had a mega-laugh because of a swallowed walnut and had to talk to a customer at the same time

Favorite OGNX Products: Leggings Carving Butterfly

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