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Yoga Clothes for Men - Vegan & Fairly produced

Strength, Mobility, Flexibility & Mental balance - there is hardly a "sport" that promotes you physically and mentally as much, but also challenges you as yoga. Your personal goals and your individual needs determine which of the many different yoga practices is right for you and how you can dress best for them. The joy of your exercises as well as the ability to collect your thoughts and focus your concentration is not insignificantly influenced by your clothing. In this context, the feel-good factor and flexibility are important keywords when making a purchase decision.

In our guide you will find out which clothing is suitable for your yoga practice and what you should pay attention to when buying.

What does the right yoga outfit for men look like?

As with any other sport, you will of course need trousers for your yoga outfit and - depending on the context and where you practice - a suitable Men's yoga tank or T-shirt. But what is the difference between yogawear and conventtional sportswear?

Conventional sportswear is mostly made of functional fibers, as these absorb moisture and conduct it to the outside. They are therefore very suitable for activities that make you sweat a lot.

If you are looking for men's yoga clothing, you will find numerous yoga tops & and yoga pants made of cotton and other natural fibers. Many yogis prefer the soft plant fibers for quieter yoga styles or meditations, as the fibers have a slightly warming effect, but are airy and breathable at the same time. Design and fit are also influenced by the yoga style and are therefore often very variable. The offer ranges from loose looks with wide fits to tight-fitting leggings and men's yoga tank tops. No matter which style you choose, it is important that your men's yoga clothing is comfortable and fits well. You can tell whether an outfit fits well if it doesn't slip, pinch or cut during your exercises. It has to give you enough freedom of movement and elasticity for intense stretches.

Men's yoga pants

Short or long, wide or tight - the range of men's yoga pants has something for every taste. Whether you choose soft shorts, trousers with cuffs at the ankles or a wide-leg model you will find something that meets your taste. On our category page men's yoga pants you will find a detailed article on choosing the right yoga pants as well as a specific buying guide.

Men's yoga tops

In addition to yoga pants, you can also find various men's yoga tops with and without sleeves in the OGNX online shop. All of our products have a loose and casual fit that, in combination with our timeless colors, can be easily combined with other items of clothing or accessories not only across the seasons, but also apart from the yoga mat.

When buying your yoga top, make sure that it feels comfortable on the skin and that the model is long enough that it does not slide up when stretched. The neckline should be wide enough that you can put the shirt on and off without any problems, but tight enough that the shirt does not slip into your face when you bend deeply, like a downward looking dog.

What makes OGNX yoga clothing for men unique?

You have already learned that for yoga you need suitable pants and a top that is comfortable and elastic. The cut can be loose or figure-hugging, but should not restrict you or hinder your yoga practice by the fabric sliding up.

In our online shop you will find a large selection of men's products made from soft and organic natural fibers - good for you and the planet. Thanks to our timeless and at the same time functional designs, you are not only well equipped on the yoga mat, but also in everyday life. Your most important must-haves can easily be stored in the pockets of our men's yoga pants and ensure a smooth transition between studio and leisure time.

Sustainable materials: 100% natural fibers for a pleasant feeling on the skin

Thanks to the use of high quality organic cotton or Tencel fibers we guarantee you a pleasantly soft wearing comfort with the lowest possible impact on the environment. In addition to the use of high-quality, pollutant-free materials, fair payment for all employees involved is the most important pillar of our corporate philosophy. Convince yourself of the high quality of our products and get them delivered to your doorstep within a few days.

We look forward to your purchase.

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