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About us

The lack of political responses to the environmental pollution and human rights violations associated with the fashion industry is the reason why sustainability should no longer be an option but an absolute necessity. With the goal of revolutionizing the fashion industry with sustainable yoga and sportswear, the label OGNX ("organics") was launched in 2012.

Since our founding, we have worked with full commitment to make our labels as environmentally friendly and fair as possible. We achieve this by using high quality materials such as organic cotton, recycled polyester and polyamide or TENCEL™ and by strictly controlling the working conditions and payment of all employees involved. Our products are manufactured in Europe, Turkey and the Far East. Asia is one of the market leaders in the resource-saving production of recycled and sustainable functional clothing.

Our long-term goal is not only to enrich your everyday life with our high-quality products, but also to enable a continuous and consistent recycling management for all raw materials used. Because sustainability, fairness and environmental awareness must finally take a firm place in the textile industry. Our core values:

We are all connected:
Together we want to redefine the structures of the fashion industry and share our love for fair fashion with as many people as possible. For a conscious attitude towards ourselves, our fellow men and the environment.
Do all things with love:
Our vision of a modern lifestyle in harmony with nature and ourselves drives us every day.
The power is ours:
Do not wait for others, but swim with us against the current - because we want to be part of the solution and not part of the problem.
Pretty smart:
We can do it! We love challenges and show full commitment when it comes to testing and processing new and innovative materials.
Be present:
By conscious and mindful consumer behaviour, you as a buyer set an example and help us to make our vision of a fair and environmentally friendly fashion industry a reality.
Fun vibes only:
Our mission has a serious background. But fun and humour are very important to us at work. Our positive attitude to life is reflected in our distinctive and colourful designs.

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