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Sustainable yoga pants for men

Are you looking tips on what to look out for when buying a new pair of yoga pants for men? Then you are exactly right here. In our short article you will find out which different yoga pants there are, which functional properties they should have and which material is best suited for your training needs

Comfortable and sporty: what distinguishes the yoga pants for men?

Yoga pants are comfortable jersey pants that are particularly suitable for stretching and yoga exercises due to their elasticity and soft material. In the men's segment you will find pants with a slightly wider, loose leg under this search term, while tight-fitting yoga pants are usually grouped under the tab yoga leggings. In our guide you will find out which criteria can influence the purchase of your men's yoga pants.

How do I recognize the perfect yoga pants?

The feel-good factor and comfort usually have the greatest influence on the decision to buy yoga clothing. However, there are a number of other criteria that you should examine your favorite model for:

  • Waistband:
    So that your yoga pants do not cut in and do not slip even when bending forward deeply, we at OGNX have developed a particularly wide waistband that ensures optimal hold thanks to the integrated cord that can be adjusted to your individual waist size.

  • Length:
    When buying the pants, make sure that they are not too long, otherwise you could step on the hem and slip. This can be dangerous, especially for pants models with a very wide leg. For this reason, our yoga pants are mostly ankle-length and have a narrower calf or cuffs at the hem end, which prevents the material from slipping. If you decide on a short model, the trouser leg should reach just above the knee or the trousers should have inner trousers to prevent unwanted glimpses.

  • Material:
    The choice of the right material for your yoga pant is mainly influenced by your personal taste. But the yoga style and design can also have an influence on which material the manufacturer has chosen for the model. Functional man-made fibers such as recycled polyester are especially suitable for quick asanas and workouts that sometimes make you sweat. The fibers feel cool on the skin and have a light whole. Natural fibers such as organic cotton or Tencel, on the other hand, are preferred primarily because of their soft and slightly warming surface. They are airy and particularly cuddly.

  • Seams:
    The seams of the yoga pants should be quilted flat so that they do not press or chafe uncomfortably.

  • Design:
    Long or short, with a pattern or one color - there are hardly any limits to your preferences when it comes to choosing a design. Make sure, however, that the pants do not have too many design elements such as patch pockets, strings or cords, which can hinder you during sports and pose a risk of injury. In the OGNX online shop you will find long and short men's yoga pants in different colors and simple, timeless designs. Thanks to the side pockets and the fashionable cut, our men's yoga pants are particularly suitable for everyday use.

What types of yoga pants are there?

In the OGNX shop you will find short as well as long yoga pants in different colors. Whether you prefer a short or long model depends on your personal preference and the time of year or the environment in which you practice yoga.

The more sweaty your yoga or sports activity, the more functional properties the material should have, and the more “streamlined” and narrow the pants model should be. Man-made fibers such as recycled polyester wick moisture away from the skin and never feel wet on the skin. They are particularly elastic and keep their shape even after many sessions and washes. Natural fibers are soft, breathable and feel particularly pleasant on the skin. They have a slightly warming effect

Yoga shorts men

Men's yoga shorts are perfect for your training in the fresh air and are wonderfully soft and airy at OGNX. The wider, casual cut with knee-length trouser legs offers you enough freedom of movement for all your exercises and prevents unwanted glances even when stretching deep or wide-legged. Thanks to the side pockets, the shorts are wonderfully suitable for everyday use and can be used flexibly for yoga or a relaxing day at the lake with one of our yoga tops for men.

Long yoga pants men

Long yoga pants for men are the classics in the field of yoga bottoms. In our online shop you will find models with and without ankle cuffs. Due to the narrower calf, our pants are comfortable and stylish at the same time. The loose cut does not restrict and ensures a casual look thanks to the pockets and the cuff with drawstring. Your belongings are always safely stowed away in the pockets with and without zippers.

OGNX yoga pants for men in organic quality

For the production of our men's yoga pants, we mainly use high-quality organic fabrics such as organic cotton or Tencel. The material is supple and soft. Thanks to the loose cut, the materials are still airy enough to be used for yoga or quieter sports without any problems. If you are looking for pants for quick workouts that make you sweat easily, we recommend our leggings made from recycled material Polyester .

In addition to ensuring fair working conditions, the use of environmentally friendly materials is our top priority. By adhering to strict regulations, our fibers are not genetically modified, pesticide-free and use less water during cultivation. In this way we preserve the biodiversity in the cultivation regions and protect the farmers and our planet.

Convince yourself of the high quality and comfort of the OGNX yoga clothing and order your new sustainable yoga wear today . Receive your package in a short time and test your OGNX styles on the mat after just a few days. We look forward to your purchase.

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