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Care instructions

So that you can enjoy your OGNX product for a long time, we give you a few tips on cleaning and care. The specific care instructions for each item of clothing can be found on the sewn / printed care label.

Sportswear should not be washed until after wearing it two or three times, unless it is too dirty. Try to air the laundry out in between. This means that functional underwear remains functional for longer.

Rotate your clothes inside out before washing. This means that colors and prints are retained for longer.

Please observe the dosage recommendations for detergents. Too much detergent requires more intensive rinsing, which affects the functionality of the material.

Use no fabric softener to prevent loss of functionality.

With Wash similar colors and fabrics.

  • max. 40 ° C in a normal wash cycle max. 40 ° C on a normal wash cycle
  • max. 30 ° C in a normal wash cycle max. 30 ° C on a normal wash cycle
  • do not bleach do not bleach
  • do not iron do not iron
  • iron moderately hot iron moderately hot
  • do not have them dry-cleaned do not have them dry-cleaned
  • not in the Put in the dryer do not put in the dryer
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