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Yoga pants for women - Sustainable and convenient

Would you like to start with yoga and are you looking for suitable, comfortable yoga wear? Then you are exactly right here. We explain what you should look out for when buying women's yoga pants and what the difference between yoga pants and leggings is.

Yoga pants or yoga leggings - how do they differ?

In order for you to feel comfortable during your yoga practice, to carry out every exercise without any problems and to concentrate fully on your breath, the choice of suitable and comfortable yoga clothing is an important prerequisite. In addition to a supporting yoga bra , the yoga pants form the heart of your yoga outfit. On your search for the right yoga pants, you have certainly already come across the various terms “yoga pants” or “yoga leggings”. So what is the exact difference between the different types of pants and which one is best for your yoga practice?

Leggings differ from yoga pants in their leg width. Leggings are usually tight-fitting “tube pants” made of an elastic material. The term yoga pants, on the other hand, can be used both as a generic term for all yoga bottoms, or for comfortable, elastic pants with a wide leg.

In the OGNX online shop we use the term yoga pants for pants made of organic cotton, tencel and recycled polyester with a further, casual, flowing cut.

It doesn't matter if you prefer a close-fitting Leggings, or if you prefer a more airy yoga pants - it is important that you feel comfortable. Both types of pants can be worn for a variety of yoga practices. In our article you will find out which criteria you should pay attention to when buying yoga pants:

What is the advantage of yoga pants

The OGNX yoga pants have a side pocket and a drawstring for size adjustment. Your belongings such as keys or mobile phone can easily be stored in the pockets.

The right yoga pants for maximum freedom of movement

The comfort of your new yoga pant is significantly influenced by the material and the cut. If you pay attention to the following criteria when buying, you will enjoy your new yoga pants for a long time:

  • Waistband:
    So that your yoga pants do not cut in and do not slip even when bending forward deeply, we at OGNX have developed a particularly wide and high waistband that provides optimal support and conjures up a flattering figure . With the help of the cord in the waistband, you can also adjust many of our trousers to your optimal width.

  • Length:
    When buying the pants, make sure that they are not too long, otherwise you step on the hem and could slip. This can be dangerous, especially for pants models with a very wide leg. OGNX women's yoga pants for this reason usually have a narrow calf or a cuff at the ankle, which prevents the material from slipping.

  • Material:
    The choice of the right material for your yoga pant is influenced by both your personal taste and your preferred yoga style. Functional fibers such as recycled polyester are particularly suitable for fast flows and workouts that sometimes make you sweat. The fibers dissipate moisture to the outside, are dimensionally stable and very breathable. Yoga clothing made from natural fibers such as organic cotton or Tencel feels particularly soft and cuddly, & is, however, a little less stretchy and opaque than pants made of functional fibers. We therefore recommend them for quieter yoga classes.

  • Seams:
    The seams of the yoga pants should be quilted flat so that they do not press or chafe uncomfortably.

  • Style:
    Long or short, with a pattern or monochrome - there are hardly any limits to your preferences when it comes to the choice of design. In the OGNX online shop you will find long and short women's yoga pants with a high waistband, as well as styles with an integrated skirt part.

What different yoga pants are there?

There are a variety of different yoga pants in the OGNX online shop. No matter whether short or long, with or without a skirt - you will find something for every taste here.

Long yoga pants

Long yoga pants are the classic in the field of yoga bottoms. You will find many stylish models in different colors and patterns in our shop. Due to the wider cut, long yoga pants are still airy and can be worn in both summer and winter. The narrow calf or the ankle cuffs ensure that your pants do not slip up even when you are in reverse postures.

Yoga shorts

Short yoga pants are your perfect companion for hot summer days or hot yoga lessons that make you sweat a lot. Make sure that your yoga pants are tight-fitting or have inner pants so that they do not reveal any unwanted glances when you stretch. It should reach over the bottom and have at least 4 cm inside leg length so that it does not slip and you can train unrestrictedly. Enjoy unrestricted freedom of movement in our Hot Yoga Shorts .

Yoga pants with skirt

In addition to the classic long and short yoga pants, you will also find some skirtpants with an integrated skirt in our shop. With the stylish culottes, smaller problem areas on the thighs, buttocks and stomach can be easily concealed and a casual everyday look can be created in no time.

Which material is suitable for yoga pants?

Similar to the yoga leggings, you will find yoga pants made of cotton as well as man-made fibers. Since loose yoga pants are often preferred for calmer yoga styles and the functional properties of the chemical fiber are of secondary importance, you will find yoga pants made of organic cotton in the OGNX online shop: warm, soft and, thanks to the casual design, particularly suitable for the streets.

OGNX yoga pants made of organic cotton: sustainably and fairly produced

For the production of our sustainable yoga pants, we mainly use environmentally friendly organic cotton. We add up to 10% elastane to the organic cotton so that your pants keep their shape even after they have been worn and washed several times. This gives the natural fibers more elasticity and prevents the material from bulging. In order to pollute the environment as little as possible and to maintain the recyclability of your garment, the percentage of elastane in your natural fiber clothing should never exceed 25%.

In addition to ensuring fair working conditions, the use of biological materials is a top priority for us. By adhering to strict regulations, our fibers are not genetically modified, pesticide-free and use less water during cultivation. In this way we preserve the biodiversity in the cultivation regions and protect the farmers and our planet.

Convince yourself of the high quality and comfort of the OGNX yoga pants and order your new sustainable yoga wear today. Receive your package in a short time and test your OGNX styles on the mat after just a few days. We look forward to your purchase.

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