Spotted by OGNX // Yoga Blogger Mady Morrison

Spotted by OGNX // Yoga Blogger Mady Morrison

Dear Mady,

You post on various social media channels and blog about everything that moves your heart. This includes everything to do with a healthy lifestyle, including yoga. You can find lots of colorful articles on yoga, fitness and delicious recipe ideas on your blog. You already have a considerable reach, on Instagram there are already more than 7000 people who follow you.

1. How long have you been blogging & amp; how did it come about?

It all started in August 2011 when I toured Europe with my boyfriend for 4 weeks in a VW bus. The main purpose of the blog was to keep family and friends up to date and to upload some nice photos. I also document my volunteer work, which I do every year in different countries, such as Iceland, Portugal or Thailand, on the blog. When I started my yoga teacher training, I suddenly felt the need to report more holistically. Diet, exercise and yoga suddenly played a big role for me! The result is a very personal mix of travel, yoga and lifestyle.

2. How nice that you are so committed! What kind of voluntary work do you do, are you involved in a certain project?

Every year I work for about 2 months against board and lodging on farms or family businesses around the world, so that I can immerse myself even deeper into the respective culture! I love the unknown and direct contact with the locals. In the long term, that brings me more than just hanging out in the most beautiful hotels or cafes. You learn how little you actually need to live and of course in what luxury and abundance you sometimes live in Germany. As an example: In February (2015) during my trip to Asia I was out and about in the mountains of northern Thailand for 8 days and lived with and with the mountain peoples (Lahus). 8 days over hill and dale! No internet, no shower (let alone hot water), simple food and cold nights in very original bamboo huts. The whole thing on horseback, by the way :-) Definitely one of my greatest adventures!

3. You presented parts from our collection on your blog. We are of course happy :) How did you come across OGNX and what do you like so much about the label?

I know OGNX from the shop of my regular yoga studio in Berlin! The cheeky prints of the fancy ladies yoga clothing are already dancing something out of line and immediately caught my eye. I particularly like the soft fabrics made from organic cotton and the Buddha and peace prints of your women's tank tops; )

That's nice to hear :) Thank you.

4. You are also a trained yoga teacher, since when have you been doing yoga and what inspires you about it? Do you teach full-time?

I had my first encounter with yoga in 7th grade, when I was 13. My sports teacher practiced yoga and was so enthusiastic about it that I really wanted to know what she meant! I tried different styles from there. Sometimes more, sometimes less, sometimes not at all! For the last 4 years I have devoted myself very passionately to Vinyasa Yoga and teach, in addition to my work as a designer; Blogger / Youtuber, this style. What I love most about yoga is the diversity! No matter whether I want to work out, seek peace and quiet or just want to clear my head. Yoga helps me with this! I also try to integrate the things I learn on the mat into my everyday life. Serenity, patience, mindfulness, strength or balance - to name just a few.

5. In addition to yoga, you also do crossfit, to what extent do you think that crossfit and yoga go together?

Crossfit and yoga form a wonderful symbiosis. Both sides benefit tremendously from it! I draw an incredible amount of strength from my Crossfit training, which I use in many athletic asanas, such as arm balances or inverse postures! Sometimes a Crossfit WOD (workout of the day) even feels like a moving meditation! Just sweep your head empty and throw away old ballast. On the other hand, good mobility is just as helpful as a crossfit athlete! In my yoga classes at Crossfit Potsdam, we therefore work specifically on the flexibility of the hips and shoulders in order to achieve better form in classic exercises such as squats (squats) or snatches (quickly lifting a barbell over the head in one movement) and injuries to prevent. For me, Crossfit is the perfect combination of strength & Agility.

6. Have you always lived so healthy and sporty or was there a certain turning point in your life?

I definitely didn't think so much about diet before, which in retrospect was a pretty relaxed affair. But since I've always been very enthusiastic about sports, the intensive preoccupation with nutrition came naturally as well. I've tried a lot and found out over the years what is good for me and what is not. I am very happy that I have now arrived at a very intuitive diet. As vegetable as possible, without prohibitions, without constraints!

7. You eat healthily and do a lot of sport- Is it difficult to fit all of this into your everyday life? Do you have a good tip?

It takes a lot of discipline and passion. My tip is to find out the things that are really fun! So right !!! It is best to incorporate exercise and a healthy diet into everyday life and let them become ’normal’. If you do the things you love, you are well on your way.

8. How would you like to bring yoga closer to young people ?!

In addition to my Instagram account, which is of course very much about yoga, I have also been producing yoga videos for YouTube since April 2015. Above all, I want to pick up the young girls (and boys) out there who don't know how to start yoga, don't have a studio nearby, or just can't afford it! My videos are clear, easy to understand and are aimed primarily at beginners in yoga. The response is very kind and warm and further helpful videos are already being planned.

Thank you Mady and have fun with your blog and your projects! :)