OGNX behind the scenes: Our journey to one of our producers

OGNX behind the scenes: Our journey to one of our producers

Part I: Vegan, fair and organic in Izmir

YEAH !!!!! The new season has just started with us, the first parts are now available online and that is reason enough for us to give you a few insights into one of our production facilities in Turkey. More precisely in Izmir.

Currently we only produce our collections in Europe, namely in Portugal and Turkey. Both are countries that look back on a very long tradition in the manufacture of textiles and place great value on sustainability and fair working conditions. Because we are not only officially “vegan approved” by the animal welfare organization peta, but also geared towards sustainability in all areas.

We therefore maintain very close relationships with our producers and it is completely normal to write e-mails back and forth or to make phone calls several times a day. WhatsApp groups are now very popular with us, so that everything can go even faster. Since we in the team are not always in one place and travel a lot, communication does not break off, which would be problematic for the production process. Decisions sometimes have to be made within a few hours so that there are no delays in production. Especially shortly before delivery, this can increase the stress level quite a bit!

Of course, it always starts with the design for the new season. As a rule, we always plan two seasons in advance and that's why you can see us wrapped up in coats, because the pictures are from last December. Jennie, Lea and I have booked a trip to Izmir for 3 days to discuss the current autumn-winter collection in very, very long meetings.

Jennie (Brand Direction) and Lea (Assistant Brand Direction) in the Producer's Office.

Everyone brings their own ideas and ideas and we then filter out the best ideas in order to create a great new collection - a highly exciting and creative phase in which in the end you just make so many small decisions that you can Head smokes!

And here you can see Nina and Jennie exploring the factory, because there is always a lot of exciting things to discover! You can read Part II about the path from the idea to the product next week!