OGNX behind the scenes: Part II

OGNX behind the scenes: Part II

Part II: Fabrics, cuts and Turkish tea

After we have agreed on the designs, it comes to the fabrics for the season choose and order. We only work with sustainable qualities such as high-quality organic cotton, Lenzing Modal or recycled polyester. The prices for the raw materials fluctuate from season to season and are also dependent on the current dollar exchange rate. Since this is sometimes subject to strong fluctuations, a style can be 20% more expensive from one season to the other, which can sometimes cause us as a company a lot of difficulties, as it is very important to us to work for you with as stable a price as possible. < / p>

Our new material, recycled polyester, is carefully examined by Jennie (Brand Direction). The best thing is of course with a Turkish tea ... we ate it in large quantities during the three days on site - the days sometimes had up to 18 hours for us and so we kept awake.

Jennie goes through the complicated cuts with the cutting technician on site to determine how much waste is created and how to optimize it and avoid mistakes. Because in the manufacturing process in particular, you can reduce so-called pre-consumer waste and thus save valuable resources. Here you can see the print of the fabric for our new Keffiah trousers - one of our absolute favorite pieces and even just modeled quite casually, right? ;) The team is now discussing how the cut should be best and where changes are necessary - one of our absolute favorite pieces and even just modeled pretty casual, right? ;)

"Which combination do you think is the best?"
Different color options for our "Team OGNX" shirt were also put to the test, the final result can be found online in our shop soon.

We measure samples and check whether our dimensional specifications have been met. Here you can see our cotton Hawaii pant, one of your current favorites, how it is measured exactly.

Part III about the various production steps will come next week!