We would like to introduce to you: Melayne Shane & Budokon

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Exciting weeks behind and ahead of us. There's a lot happening at OGNX. We have big plans. Berlin Fashion Week was very exciting and we have just completed our shoot for the upcoming autumn/winter season on Mallorca. As always, it was a lot of hard work, good food, little sleep and lots of fun! We can not reveal everything yet, but we are very proud to introduce you to our friend and the new face of our campaign Melayne Shayne.

OGNX: Dear Melayne, who are you, where are you coming from? How did your life look like before Budokon?
MELAYNE: My name is Melayne Shayne, I am an exotic, almost contradictory mix of a Brazilian mother and German father. I was born in Berlin / Germany back and have lived both in Germany and Brazil growing up.
Before Budokon I worked with a big German sports brand as their Global Trend Marketing Manager for 5 years, being digitally, socially but also physically connected to trending subcultures all around the world and connecting the brand and their very niche product and experience offering to a targeted audience. While working in that I was not only able to grow and expand my skills and fascination for brand building but also dive deeper into the world of sports. I was an avid runner that started teaching Yoga on the side as a passion project at that time.
I was drawn to movement my whole life, starting with ballet and horse riding as a young girl. I always cultivated a fascination for the human body, its form and expressive qualities through movement. I love investigating the capacities of my physical body, my mental limitations, the story one tells as we move through life. I have never stopped exploring movement, but have had times of more or less focus.
Until the day I met my husband Cameron at Budokon Yoga Teacher Training I joined back in 2014 in Frankfurt. A new chapter of my life opened up with that choice and encounter.

OGNX: How did you get in touch with Budokon and why did you feel drawn to it?

MELAYNE: A very good friend of mine in Germany had taken the Budokon Teacher Training and invited me to her first workshop. I immediately felt a deep connection to the work, the way of moving, the philosophy. At that time I had practised other yoga styles, mainly Vinyasa and Prana Flow, and felt that Budokon very intelligently and intuitively brought so many elements together - strength and softness, structure and flow, masculine and feminine. I felt like I had found the last missing piece of my puzzle.

OGNX: What is Budokon? What’s the Philosophy behind it? What are the different disciplines within the method?

MELAYNE: Budokon is the mixed movement arts system, founded and created by my husband Cameron Shayne in 2001. Our world-renown unique syllabus unifies Yoga, Mobility, Calisthenics, Animal Locomotion, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts in order to produce the elite and holistic mixed movement athlete and human. Our school motto is ‘The way we do anything is the way we do everything’. The way we approach movement, we approach life. The way we show up in a relationship with others is the way we show up for ourselves. Realizing patterns of behaviour that have in the past limited my potential and seeing that my mind had such control over my body and how I would express myself - verbally, physically, emotionally - was a massive realization and has surely influenced how I live my life now. More aware, more conscious, more compassionate and forgiving, stronger.

OGNX: What is the difference to other Yoga styles?

MELAYNE: For the past 20 years the Budokon Yoga style has made undeniable impressions upon the culture of contemporary yoga. Our signature spinal rolling techniques coupled with our infusion of martial arts and callisthenics have forever reshaped the classic approach to postures and transition. Budokon yoga style continues to be one of the most influential and important innovations in modern yoga history.
Budokon Yoga is definitely a way of moving that one needs to experience in their own body. In the practice, one thrives to move holistically - athletic, strong, sensual and intuitive at the same time. It is a challenging practice on different levels, physically, mentally and emotionally. It is all-encompassing. It is a way of living.

OGNX: Where did the inspiration for Budokon -merging so many different disciplines together - come from?

MELAYNE: When my husband first started developing the work he focused on the martial arts and yogic aspects. I developed it as a "non-classical" style suggesting that Budokon is built from traditional Hatha Yoga, Japanese Karate-Do, Korean Taekwondo, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, yet without attachment to any specific style. Unlike more traditional martial arts, Budokon has no fixed striking style and is focused on self-defence application. As well as being a combat system it is a philosophy with guiding universal principles, specifically that all mental activity (beliefs, thoughts, consciousness) is subjective and temporary.
Eventually, as the animal locomotion and callisthenics curriculums developed it took shape as a mixed movement arts system composed of 6 life sciences: Movement, Intelligence, Emotion, Relationship, Nutrition & Environment. These six pillars are taught inside of a belt ranking system: white, blue, purple-brown and black. Each belt level covers all 6 pillars of life sciences and progressively becomes more complex as the belts advance toward black belt. Though the movement arts curriculum is the most alluring aspect of the work it only makes up fifty per cent of the students’ assessed progress. The other fifty per cent is a measure of the individuals' development within the remaining five pillars of mental development.
Today Cameron and I continue to shape and expand the system together in new ways. Its technologies are ever-growing and developing, our personal practice and work as movers and humans continue to drive us to grow and share as we build community and leave a legacy behind us that will make an impact and a tangible difference.

OGNX: How does your typical day look like? How many hours of training are involved?

MELAYNE: Every day is groundhog day HAHA. I start my day with my morning ritual - Matcha. I take about 20-30min for myself, to ground, and enjoy the ceremonial quality of making my own nut milk and prepare my matcha.
After that, my day is quite ‘normal’ in that sense - I am mum of two dogs who want to be loved on, fed, taken out. I am a housewife and regular wife keeping up with the lovely duties and privileges that come with it HAHA.
Last but least, I run two businesses - our educational system Budokon University with our Teacher Training Programs as well as BDK University, our local Headquarters and training facility in Miami. Here I divide y time between working remotely from my computer managing the businesses and being present at our studio teaching and running the space.
My training is usually something I do as I teach or participate in classes at our school or when I schedule a time to do my personal practice.

OGNX: You and Cameron are married, additionally, you also have a teacher-student and business partner relationship. How do you deal with this special kind of setting?
At the time we met, Cameron was a travelling teacher, with his home base in Miami. Our commitment to each other, our love as well as both our visions cater-pillared us into a passionate, creative, ever-growing and evolving, highly productive relationship. Living together, working together, being married and loving each other is a daily rollercoaster, I won’t lie. It is igniting, nourishing, inspiring at moments, and challenging and hard work in others. We both have strong personalities, ideas and visions, which we with passion share. Cameron brings a very artistic and abstract element into my life that was dormant in my for some time, while I have grounding and realistic qualities which get us going. We feed each other, and we complement each other. It is wonderful to be able to share one vision and bring it to life together. He is my best friend, lover, husband, teacher, student.

OGNX: It seems to be common sense for many people that Yoga is only for flexible people. As teachers, we always tell them that you cannot be too stiff to start with Yoga. But honestly, when we’re watching videos of Budokon Movement the same thoughts come to our minds. How on earth can anyone learn that without practising 10hrs a day or what about people with issues like meniscus lesions or hip problems?
MELAYNE: In my opinion and experience anyone could begin exploring Yoga. It is peoples’ perception that they already need to be good at something in order to show up. People do not like to not be good at something, they do not want to show any weakness, physically, mentally or emotionally. And this is where the real problem lies in my opinion. People not wanting to be in process, to fail, to learn, and to grow from that place. Instead, they already want to be ‘there’, which does not allow them to be ‘here’. And that is to me the real yogic practice. It is not the shapes we can do with our body, it does begin with the mental work/stretch/push-ups, the emotional state, the presence to the moment. Only then you will be able to connect to your body and find your way to move, explore a range of motion and individual anatomy.
Once the mind opens to that process, after a period of time the body will adapt to the effort, strengthening, becoming more flexible, open, mobile.
If a person becomes more serious about this body of work I encourage them to attend Budokon University for in-depth education, immersion, workshops or retreat with us.

OGNX: What if you get to your limits? Is failing part of the process? How do you cope?
MELAYNE: Usually my primary challenge is my mind and my personal narrative of not being good enough. My personal frustration then manifests in impatiens, not listening and taking my time to be in the process of learning. As I said before, our mind can be our worst enemy in the form of limiting beliefs or our best friend and cheerleader. As I identify being stuck in my story, I am then able to break through and move past and beyond where I was before.
This counts not only for my movement practice, but any other challenge in my life that shows my self-oppression or habits.

OGNX: What kind of people is Budukon for? What about men, are more men attracted to Budokon?
MELAYNE: Budokon is for anyone who is seeking to grow, physically, mentally and emotionally. It is for professional athletes as well as movers who are starting their journey and will be in service to what their current needs are. As we offer a broad spectrum, from conditioning elements like flexibility and endurance in yoga, mobility in the free form movement work, strength in callisthenics to martial arts, we attract all kinds of people. Budokon surely attracts more men than any other yoga style because of the strong practice and martial arts background and connection.
We also attract a very specific kind of women - a strong and fierce female, who is empowered or seeking to step into that without losing her feminine sensuality.

OGNX: You’re also doing some women’s workshops and retreats. What’s the difference to regular Budokon workshops?
MELAYNE: YES I do and I love it :)
That work is very dear to me as it is a pure reflection and sharing of my own path and process.
Bringing women together through my Warrior Women experiences is a natural and organic evolution of my past years of doing my own personal work as a mover and women, as a teacher, wife, friend, partner, daughter and sister.
I create and hold a space of empowerment and vulnerability, for accountability and leadership, softness and fierceness. It is just one stepping stone and moment of connection for women who are on their personal journey and to know that our fears and stories are not ours alone. That makes it profoundly more simple to ask for help, to extend a hand, to rise together to a level of closer connection.
The experiences - no matter if a workshop, class or retreats create a unique opportunity for women to discover themselves and hold space for real, honest, yet connected and co-creative growth.

OGNX: What does the Budokon Teacher Training look like? What can you expect as a student?
MELAYNE: Our Budokon University syllabus combines our inter-connected modalities of Yoga, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts, Mobility, Animal Locomotion and Calisthenics.
During our teacher trainings, we produce the elite mixed movement athlete, teacher and thinker.
When a student enters our system they can choose between 5 day, 10day, 15 day, 3 or 4 week training camps. Our unique approach to teacher training education begins with our innovative Budokon course module matrix. Students have the ability to custom create their own movement education experience by selecting from our different course modules - BDK Yoga, BDK Mobility BDK Calisthenics, BJJ and Martial Arts.
We encourage fully immersive experiences of full months at our BDK Headquarters in Miami if you are looking to have a transformative experience. Our 5 day / 50h Training Camps in BDK Yoga and BDK Mobility are the perfect way to introduce yourself into the system and mix up your current practice and ways.

OGNX: Are there new projects you wanna tell us about?
MELAYNE: Our brains never stop and we continue to constantly create.
In the pipeline and launching soon we have an updated online shop with all our BDK uniform gear and Melayne Shayne line as well as an Online Academy Program that will allow for anyone to practice with us from home.
We are back in Europe this Fall for more Teacher Trainings, workshops and retreats. Keep an eye out and stay connected!

OGNX: Wow, thank you Melayne for all the insights, we are excited and look forward what’s coming!

If you are curious and would like to know more about Budokon, visit www.budokon.com and email the Budokon team at info@budokon.com.