Good resolutions from A-Z: this is how you make your 2020 particularly sustainable

Posted by Marisa Heinze on

We wish you a happy new year and hope you slipped well into 2020 last Tuesday. Have you made any good resolutions for the next 12 months?

We, too, went into ourselves at the turn of the year and thought about what we want to change during this upcoming year.
From A-Z you will find a checklist with 24 good resolutions for a sustainable and conscious 2020. Let's make the world greener and the people around us happier :)

A: Appreciate things actively
B: Be kind to everyone
C: Clean a public Space
D: Donate money/time/goods to anyone in need
E: Eat healthier
F: Follow inspiring people 
G: Go vegan or try a vegan challenge
H: Host a swap party with your friends 
I: Invest more time in yourself
J: Judge less, joke more
K: Kiss someone you love
L: Learn a new thing every day or week. What about one word of a new language a day?
M: Make at least one person smile a day
N: Narrow your materialistic needs
O: Overcome a fear
P: Plant a tree or a plant
Q: Question your habits
R: Respect others and their opinion
S: Sell Stuff you don´t need
T: Try a new hobby
U: Use things more often 
V: Value your things and your friends
W: Work on your summer body. This works best in our organic Sport apparel
X: no resolution with X. We are sorry
Y: Yell for a change. What about the climate strikes?
Z: Zero Waste Challenge